It should be said that you should not listen to a Whitley album unless you’re hopelessly in love,  in the throes of a heart-wrenching, desperate break up, or experienced in torment of either. Even The Stars Are A Mess is absolutely no exception this rule.

After attempting to record his third album in London, the Netherlands, and Peru, Whitley found a former church in Tuscany to give us this “dark-yet-optimistic” contrast of beautiful lyrics and acoustic stylings.

This album is nine tracks of wonderfully flowing harmonies and easy-listening tunes that is all too distinctive of Whitley. The album felt a little short, but if it was any longer, may have become somewhat tedious.

Offering up beautiful harmonies in “Alone Never Alone”, and heartbreaking beauty in “Final Words” and ”Roadside”, the album runs delightfully from one song to the next. So much so, that the individual songs somehow lose something when listened to individually. The course of the album is as significant as the songs themselves.

First single “My Heart Is Not A Machine” is certainly worth mentioning, for its stunning harmonies, and the accompanying video shot in the Amazon Rainforest, it’s definitely a track worth checking out.

Overall, this is a beautiful, easy-listening album from a talented and interesting Australian artist. If you’re desperately in love, this album will make you giddy. If you’re heartbroken, this will give you something to cry to, and if you’ve ever had either experience, this will certainly bring back some memories.