Emperors’ debut album Stay Frosty is uniform and encapsulates the best parts of 90s alterna-rock. In their own way, the band pay homage to some of the best acts of years past, and while they’re referential, they’re never imitative.

In the best possible way ‘Rebecca’, an ode to a stranger, even sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a slightly off-centre teen movie .

Also, we think Emperors or more accurately, Zoe Worrall-James could single-handedly bring back the popularity of female bassists. Worrall-James also provides stellar Kim Deal-esque background vocals most well showcased on ‘Hello Dolly’.

It’s really hard to fault this album. It’s catchy, extremely well written and is influenced by the best of the best.  It’s good to know that there’s still actual rock music coming out of Australia.

Emperors are embarking on a national tour starting May 5th. Check them out.