Being a long term Cubase user I was a touch excited when my Steinberg brethren informed me of the new CMC Transport series controllers for Cubase software.

There are 6 different controller configurations to choose from, all taking care of a range of functions for mixing and production.  These are a welcome addition to the seemingly expanding Steinberg hardware range of products.

What do they do? They are a series of controllers that allow you to edit and manipulate different functions within your recording software in real-time. However I do say ‘recording software’ rather loosely. Although these controllers can essentially be assigned to any software you like their layout is very Cubase specific and therefore much more functional with this than anything else.  The functions allow you to control different features such as play, stop, record, loop, jog etc (depending on which unit) with the idea of streamlining the entire process.

The main unit in testing is the transport control version.  Installation proved simple and upon opening up a previous Cubase session my controller was ready to go. The illuminating lights were very pleasing to the eye and the soft yet convincing button touch was of a solid standard.

Can I run multiple CMC controllers you ask? Of course you can but I would seriously recommend a USB hub, there is in fact no way of linking units internally and the only possible way of connection is via a single USB socket per controller.

Unfortunately I fail to see how you could realistically only get away with picking one particular unit to cover a majority of Cubase workflow which to some may seem a negative, however Steinberg are offering extension frames for grouping multiple units together which will keep your environment tidy and your mum happy.

In summary, will you have to wrestle me away from my mouse? Well maybe not just yet…

Review by Danny Yoghurt

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