Corey Taylor and his non-Slipknot outfit Stone Sour have never hit the top of the Australian charts with one of their records, but they came mighty close last time around when 2013’s House of Gold and Bones Part Two peaked at #4 on the ARIA charts.

Now, as The Music reports, the band are on track to grab that elusive honour with their sixth album Hydrograd, and there’s only one thing standing in their way: Ed Sheeran.

Unfortunately, the British crooner is proving to be a massive obstacle for anyone trying to hit the top of our charts, and last week conspired with Lorde to keep King Gizzard’s latest album Murder of the Universe to a respectable #3 finish in its debut week.

Sheeran’s Divide (or ‘÷’ as it’s supposed to be written) has been sitting pretty atop the album charts for 14 weeks now, but surely it has to hit the point where enough people have bought copies that it can be toppled by another record, at least for a week.

Lorde’s Melodrama is also still in the mix, while the fourth album from Tex, Don & Charlie (a super-group of Aussie music royalty built of The Cruel Sea’s Tex Perkins, Cold Chisel’s Don Walker, and guitarist Charlie Owen), You Don’t Know Lonely, is on track for a finish in the top 10.

We’re guessing Corey has his mind on other things right now, like his ongoing feud with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, but Stone Sour’s record label Roadrunner would probably enjoy getting another plaque to add to the wall – fingers crossed.