Stonefield have just released an interactive version of the music video for their latest single ‘Bad Reality’, a departure from the the lighter subject matter of the past as the girls from rural Victoria work overtime to smash any assumptions you may have made about them.

These are some chicks that seriously don’t take shit, and are here and ready to rock your socks off.

Taking inspiration from provocative films such as Todd Solondz’s Palindromes, the Findlay sisters play one central character in a perpetually looping storyline, thrusting them into a bad reality that results in the gruesome death of youngest sibling Holly and leaves their hero helpless and unable to escape.

“We were feeling a lot of pressure to get this new single and we had written a whole heap of demos for the EP without having a specific song for a single ready,” front woman Amy Findlay revealed about the track.

“We recorded the EP in two blocks and after we recorded the first half no-one felt like we had the single yet. We just getting frustrated and then I got the melody in my head.”

“I just went to Hannah and she picked up her acoustic guitar, it was one of those songs that the more simple and straightforward we made it, the more powerful it was. We were pretty happy and relieved when it all came together.”

Unlike a traditional video clip the engaging puzzle unravels with three subsequent online releases ‐ each episode expanding the experience and drawing the viewer further in to the hard‐edged storyline.

Shot over two action‐packed nights, and using a body‐rig camera mounted on the girls, it encapsulates the intensity and frenetic nature of the music. “The clip is like a conversation we’re having with the viewers. Bit by bit they get more dialogue; more story. Plus, they can play around with the clip itself,” says the director of the video David Barker.

Visit Stonefield’s official website now to have a play with the interactive video. Otherwise you can watch the traditional music video below.