A Dirty Three album is something to be studied.  Toward The Low Sun allows us just the space and time to do such, with a dark ale close at hand. If you’re any which way inclined, you should indeed be reclined after you’ve hit play on the opening preamble that is “Furnace Skies”.

Instantly, we’re dropped into the middle of a soundcheck where the trio appear to only pay intermittent attention to each other.

The fall back to “Sometimes I Forget You’ve Gone” is a soft landing against the patter of Jim White’s cymbals, coupled with the sparkling keys. While the rumbling, understated bass of “Rising Below” verses as a precise grumble.

This collection of dark, brooding, wordless narratives played out through disjointed moments of grimacing, world-ending keys and strings has been well controlled by producer Casey Rice, but all the same enabled.

This is not Ocean Songs and nor should we expect it to be.  This is great.

– Ciarán Wilcox