The Sydney Opera House has upheld its apparent distaste for the low art of rock music by banning rock n’ roll larrikins King Khan and BBQ from the venue – despite the group playing shows there as part of the Vivid Live Festival – and at the personal invitation of curators Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson.

It seems that the Opera House management didn’t take too kindly to the wild all in party that is the group’s show, issuing an instruction that King Khan & BBQ ‘tone it down a notch’ for their last performance. The performance went ahead including obeying instructions to not throw a rubber snake into the audience, or to feed the audience food on stage, or to have Chinese girls from the audience dancing on stage. However it seems some other rock n’ roll shenanigans were indulged in on stage and indeed it appears as if everyone in the audience and band had fun except the Opera House management and security.

Khan has sent out a long, wounded and amusing email rant attacking the Opera House and takes no prisoners, insinuating that they’re racists and calling for a boycott of the venue. A small excerpt of the rant reads:

There you have it Austrailia (sic)…. SHAME ON YOUR OPERA HOUSE…. and the white power it is built on.
If I could take legal action against the opera house for humiliating me and taunting me in what was meant to be the highest point in my career as a musican/magician I certainly would…. if there are any lawyers out there who wanna help me bring down this institution please contact ”Emily York”

Ask any Thai Masseuse…. this was no happy ending…. Please help me light a candle under the powers that be…. BOYCOTT THE OPERA HOUSE…..

We’re looking forward to reading the Opera House’s damage control press release on this one.