Fresh from playing at the AFL Grand Final over the weekend, The Temper Trap are making an appearance in the first Australian IMAX film to be released in ten years, soundtracking the trailer for the new documentary.

The Earth Wins is the product of seven years worth of hard work by writer/director Jerry Grayson, producer Sara Hine and co-producer Matt Downey. Who have worked on projects ranging from Melbourne’s 2006 Commonwealth Games to the James Bond franchise, utilizing their expertise in film making to produce this visually stunning piece of cinema.

Set to a roaring soundtrack featuring music by The Who, Coldplay, New Order, Yothu Yindi, and notably Australia’s The Temper Trap, the film challenges viewers to consider whether they’re damaging the earth or themselves in our treatment of the environment.

In the same vein as the films Home, Chronos and the classic ‘Qatsi‘ trilogy featuring a score by Philip Glass, the film is a piece of visual art, that showcases images of life on our planet, including footage of natural disasters and day to day life shot entirely from an aerial view.

However the film has not been an easy sell to main stream distribution companies.

According to the project’s Pozible site, the group “tried a number of mainstream theatrical distributors, all of whom loved it but couldn’t work out how to market it under their brand name.”

But the love was not lost, as after exhibiting the film to a convention of IMAX theaters in Sacramento, they received the opportunity to bring their film to the giant screen.

“The theatre owners loved The Earth Wins and we ended up with many who would like to exhibit it and use it as a means of inspiring the young people who visit their venues.”

However the catch is that the film was entirely self funded by the group, and the release to IMAX does require reformatting of images for the different sizes of screen, and some edits to suit certain venues who can only show certain lengths of the film, costing more than the group have to spend.

In light of this, they’ve started a crowd-funding project, aiming to raise $175,500.

A donation of $25 will get you access to the first 18 minutes of the film, and there will be a Christmas package available later this year for the same price that will get you the full 40 minute feature; while $50 covers the cost of the DVD and will get you the full film.

As well as featuring some of music favourites, the new project also features new original material by Art of Fusion and Sean van Doornum.

In related news, Aussie stars and ARIA-Award winners, The Temper Trap are certainly riding the wave at the moment, having headlined the entertainment for the AFL Grand Final; which unlike their cancelled sets for both Lollapolooza in Chicago and at Triple J’s One Night Stand earlier in the year, was able to go ahead despite the wet, windy weather.

You can view a preview of the new film here.

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