Disco has seen a massive resurgence in recent times, becoming the weapon of choice for a lot of DJs looking to get people moving in just about every situation. We’ve shed some of the slightly dodgy aspects of the disco era by now – namely, much of the fashion – and crate-diggers are digging out the gems of a bygone era to get a new generation of punters moving.

One such talent is CC:DISCO!, the Melbourne radio host and DJ whose name should tell you just about everything you need to know. Having played countless disco sets, including her fair share of festivals, there are few we’d trust more with advice on where to look for our next piece of vinyl (or maybe just our next Spotify add).

Ahead of her set at this year’s Let Them Eat Cake festival on New Year’s Day alongside a slew of huge producers and DJs (limited tickets remaining), we’ve asked her to let us in on the top 10 disco, boogie and house jams of all time – and one of the most emotional sets of her career.

Ann Margret – ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’

“It’s one of those special show tune/slow boogie style disco jams, and every time it play it, it just makes everybody scream the words and creates great vibe on the DF.”

Moulin Rouge – ‘Ljubavni Ritan’

“It took me a while to get this record but finally got it. A band from Yugoslavia they were kinda in the boogie/italo area. There is only one cut from the record I like, but it’s next level. Makes me get DOWN and had been saving it up to play at Meredith – and got to play it. There is nothing more satisfying that watching people get down to 110 bpms, I tell ya.”

KSM – ‘I Love You’

“House from 1999-1993 is by fav my fave – that crossover to Italian house was such a great time for music. Some may call it cheesy, but give me some M1 keys any day over some boring kick drum/white noise/hi-hat combo.”

Soichi Terada – ‘Sun Shower (Larry Levan Remix)’

“I will never forget the first time I heard this or the first time I played it in a club – or at Strawberry Fields 3 years ago at 10am, haha. The production on this is just next level. The intro and the bass dropping in is simply so powerful – I just love to watch people’s faces when this drops, it’s MAGIC. I get lost in so much Japanese music, especially some of the boogie tracks – the basslines coming out the late ’70s early ’80s were way before their time.”

The Sound of Blackness – ‘The Pressure (Frankie 12 Mix)’

“Frankie Knuckles will always be the inspiration behind what I do. There is just something so timeless and euphoric about what he did, without being pretentious. I remember when I first heard this I teared up.

“Years later I bought up a few copies of it on wax thinking ‘I want to play this at Meredith if I ever get the chance to play there’. And yep, years later I did it, and it was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever had DJing – and yep, teared up again. RIP FRANKIE.”

L.A.X – ‘All My Love’

“Straight up jam right here, it always makes me smile and always makes me dance – it’s flawless.”

Debbie Jacobs – ‘Don’t You Want My Love’

“This tune is everything, this is one of my fav disco bangers. It’s so uplifting and, to me, what disco is all about.”

7th Wonder – ‘Do It With Your Body’

“Nothing excites me more that $2 disco records. This song is the best on the dance floor and is out there for EVERYONE’S budgets.”

Bridge – ‘Baby Don’t Hold Back Your Love’

“More on the low tempo boogie tip, this song still holds its own on the dance floor – another one that’s so satisfying to play when you want to take it down and get more of a groove on.”

Hi Gloss – ‘You’ll Never Know’

“On the slower tip, this one but it reminds me of that nu-disco era, as it was sampled a bit. But love this tune for its raw vocals and smooooooth feels.”