Following on from the unveiling of side-projects from the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Kings Of Leon, the newest super duo to be born out of the UK has finally confirmed details on their debut album and tour plans.

Tone Deaf first reported on the formation by two of Britain’s leading musicians, ex-The Music singer Rob Harvey and the man behind The Streets, Mike Skinner, in October last year.

Speaking recently with NME, Harvey explains how the pair had over 60 songs written for the new project, called The D.O.T, which they have whittled down to an 11 track LP, entitled And That, slated for release on October 22.

“We’d both in bands for 10 years and obviously Mike was really successful with what he did and I had a little bit of success with The Music boys but we were just bored of doing the same thing,” he said. “So we just wanted to do something different [after our bands had split].”

On working with Skinner, the former frontman of The Music has said, “It’s great because we’re not tied to any contracts, it’s just about doing something interesting. We’ve done 60 songs – some of them are straight pop songs, some are dancey.”

You can have a listen for yourself on The D.O.T’s website which already features several new tracks from the pair. They feature Harvey taking on most of the vocals whilst the usually boisterous rapper Skinner refines his production skills.

As for the pair’s former outfits? Both musicians called it quits on their bands last year after enjoying decade-long careers.

The Music released 3 studio albums as a band, and last played in Australia for the now-defunct The Big O Festival in 2009, while The Streets, the name with which Skinner produced 5 albums under, was here in 2011 for the Parklife festivals.

The D.O.T will premiere their new tracks live in a short tour of the UK in October and November. Let’s hope it won’t be long before they bring their eclectic brand of music to Australia.

Have a listen to single “Weapon of Choice” below. Visit The D.O.T’s Soundcloud page for 18 more tracks, all up for download.