Vinyl reissues are obviously all the rage right now, but the other trend lurking in the background is putting your record out on cassette, as nostalgia for that era rolls  around much as it did for vinyl.

Never one to steer clear of nostalgia, Jack White is pitching in with cassette versions of The White Stripes’ first three albums, including their self-titled debut, follow-up De Stijl, and breakthrough White Blood Cells.

The albums will be available through his Third Man Records label as a special reissue for Cassette Store Day, Pitchfork reports, and will be available in selected U.S. stores from October 14, with a full list of locations right here.

If you can’t make it to a store and don’t want to pick up a copy on eBay, don’t worry – there are black versions planned to drop as well, and you can find out more about these ones over at the Third Man Records store.

White Blood Cells contained The White Stripes’ breakthrough hit, ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’

Moving to slightly more advanced technology, The White Stripes recently celebrated their 20th anniversary by streaming the band’s first ever performance, which took place at the Gold Dollar Bar in their hometown of Detroit, Michigan – a concert that had previously only been released on a special 7″ vinyl, because of course.

Jack’s label will also be releasing a children’s book in a month’s time, based on the lyrics for their heartwarming ‘We’re Going To be Friends’, with illustrator ELinor Blake aka April March telling the tale of Suzy Lee and her schoolyard adventures, on sale November 7.

“I am a big fan of classic children’s book illustrations and an even bigger fan of Elinor Blake” The Ren and Stimpy Show’s John Kricfalusi says. “I’m also a huge fan of pure Rock and Roll so naturally I’m a dedicated Jack White fan.

“Jack has written a perfect story and Elinor’s art is enchanting. It harkens back to 1940s Golden Books. Read it while listening to either Jack or Elinor sing the story. It’s a sonic/optic treat.”

With the band celebrating a 20th anniversary, there’ll definitely be plenty of fans out there ready to read this one to their kids – and maybe even show them how a cassette works.

Watch The White Stripes – ‘We’re Going To Be Friends’: