Returning from their debut self titled 2009 LP, Blackchords are back with a darker and more electronic inspired release.

A Thin Line adds more synth sounds to their broody pop they’ve become synonymous with. The album deals with darker themes of loss and confusion, while still providing contrast with songs of a higher energy.

The title track is a slow paced  and guitar heavy number, with lead singer, Nick Milwright’s raw vocals adding to the gloomy atmosphere.

“Oh No” and “Into The Unknown” are slow paced pop ballads, with Milwright’s husky vocals sounding reminiscent of Coldplay’s earlier work.

Other tracks offer a more upbeat nature, providing a refreshing change from the melancholy tone of the other tracks.

“Oh No” opens with a sparse texture of a simple guitar melody, layered upon Nick Milwright’s lead vocals. It’s the electronic beats and staccato synth notes that adds to its dance melody.

While “Dance Dance Dance” features warm backing vocals harmonies by guitarist, Damian Cazal and Milwright. The repetitive and pumping guitar line and accompanied keyboard notes adds to its upbeat feeling, showing another dimension to the band’s electro pop.

The final track adds the use of a beautiful and melancholy string line, which floats above the electric guitar and bass, which ground the piece and shows a previously unheard depth to their music.

The band maintain this ambient sound across the entirety of the album, which ultimately serves to strengthen their evolving sound.

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