Thornbury Records is an independent record store in Thornbury, Melbourne, Australia. We opened our doors in early February 2011 and have been spreading the love of vinyl ever since! We specialise in new release and reissue vinyl from around the world as well as local releases (the only CDs we stock are local, and we don’t sell anything second-hand). We also do cheap turntable repairs, have range of turntable accessories, zines and have just started Thornbury Records the label. Our first label release is the ‘Rebels’ 7 inch by Melbourne’s Damn Terran. It will be in-store on Record Store Day.

Who are you and what’s your role there?

Megan Sheehy (co-owner)

What are you doing to celebrate Record Store Day?

We’re excited to have a large range of exclusive record store day releases coming in this year, check out the list.

We’ll also have a free BBQ (vegie and meat) cranking around lunchtime and awesome DJs spinning vinyl all day.

We’ve restocked the shelves to almost overflowing point in preparation for the vinyl hungry masses, so we look forward to everyone finding something they love on the day. 

What was the first record you ever bought?

The first vinyl record I bought was Magic Dirt – ‘I Was Cruel’ 10″, I still love it to this day.

What has been your best find on vinyl?

When visiting the US last year I went to Thirsty Moon Records in San Diego, a psych record store owned by Mike from Earthless. It was pretty much a treasure trove, but I was happiest to walk away with a copy of Witch S/T LP put out by Tee Pee in 2006.

I’m not that obsessed with rare records, just owning ones on vinyl that I really love. The cover art is amazing too.

What is your most prized record?

It’s a mixture of guilt and pride at having one of the Roland S Howard – ‘Teenage Snuff Film’ reissues. I know the only reason I have it is because I own a recordstore, and I still feel guilty to those who missed out!

What kind of records did you steal from parents/older siblings?

Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon and Fleetwood Mac Rumours.
I never did tell my folks that I took them when moving out of home.

Where do you source the records you sell in the store?

All over the world, 80% of our stock is imported and a lot of that comes from the US and UK as they are major producers. But we also get some from Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Japan and more. 

Is there a record you’ve been on the prowl for that you’re still hoping to find?

I’d love a copy of Magic Dirt Young And Full Of The Devil, saw it once when I was much younger at Greville Records and have cursed myself ever since.

What system do you listen to your vinyl on?

Really I should be passing that question to Clayton (co-owner) as he is the technical guy. But I really like our vintage Thorens turntable (wooden veneer and all), Yamaha amp and Jensen speakers that sound mighty fine in our lounge room above the shop.

How can we find you then?

Thornbury Records

03 9942 0754