A string of alleged assaults in Hobart nightclubs has lead to 10 charges being laid against 3 bouncers, who the ABC reports are accused by police of using “excessive force” on patrons who they allegedly slapped, kicked, and struck in the throat.

Five counts of common assault have been levelled against a 31-year-old Sandy Bay male, while a 28-year-old Kingston male has been charged with four counts of common assault, and 27-year-old Moonah male has been hit with a lone assault charge.

Inspector John Ward describes the scenes Tasmanian police discovered when reviewing the CCTV footage, captured in well-known venues across Hobart’s city centre and Salamanca areas, describing the alleged acts as potentially deadly.

“A gentleman walked toward a licensed premises and a crowd controller walked towards him, Insp. Ward details. “After they’d taken six to seven steps each, the crowd controller smacked him across the face with an open right hand with sufficient force to knock him to the ground.

“As you’re aware, if you knock someone to the ground and they hit their head it has the potential to be lethal.”

“There is no justifying the excessive force used by these crowd controllers in what appears to be non-combative, intoxicated patrons,” he added. “Members of the public deserve to feel safe in all licensed venues throughout the state, regardless of whether they have had a few too many drinks.”

Insp. Ward took a moment to praise the vast majority of security staff in the state, who “contribute greatly to the safety and vibrancy”, adding that “those that do not will not be tolerated”.

That certainly seems to be the case here as, in addition to the charges the three men face, Isp. Ward confirms that all have “either resigned or have had their employment terminated by their employer”.