It’s not a surprise to hear new quotes from a Gallagher brother slagging off other bands, but throughout his career in Oasis, Liam was usually in the position of getting stuck into the elder statesmen of the genre, or his contemporaries.

Now, as one of the veterans of the rock scene, he’s also taking it upon himself to give some tips to the new generation of bands, who he doesn’t really seem to think are capable of flying the flag when he’s gone.

“There’s too many so-called rock ‘n’ roll bands in England getting away with fuckin’ murder,” he told Noisey. “They should be ashamed of the shit the put out. They need fuckin’ shooting.

“I’m not gonna say names” he continued, showing a rare iota of tact. “They’ve got the tools to make guitar music great and they’re just fuckin’ doing it half-arsed.

“They’ve got one foot in the fuckin’ dance world and one foot in the fuckin’ guitar world and they’re just seeing which one fuckin’ bites.

“They’re there with their fuckin’ keyboards and whistles and shit. If you’re going to do ‘guitar music’ you have to put a fuckin’ guitar on a record,” he concludes. “Put the fucker in. Stop wearing it like it’s a fuckin’ necklace.”

Liam Gallagher takes a moment to apologise to, well, everybody on new single ‘For What It’s Worth’

He also had some thoughts around his decision to release music purely as Liam Gallagher, rather than what his brother did with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

“Bollocks to that, man,” he says. “If you’re gonna do it, you might as well fuckin’ put your name above the door. It’s always been about me anyway. Fuck it.”

Liam recently had an interesting critique of U2 as well, saying he’d rather eat his own shit than listen to them, so he’s clearly in typical Liam Gallagher mode right now, also knocking Dave Grohl back when he asked Liam to perform with the Foo Fighters at Glastonbury.

That may have had more to do with Liam’s voice than a dislike for Grohl though, as Liam was also forced to ditch his Lollapalooza set after just 20 minutes due to his vocal issues.

Liam has taken a moment to apologise to, well, the whole world on his new single ‘For What It’s Worth’, taken from his debut solo album.

“I wanted to write an apology. “Not to one person, but to everyone, because I’m no good at saying sorry,” he explained, before adding in typical humble fashion, “that song is a tune.”