There are endless choices out there for filling up your mobile device with all varieties of applications. Games, food apps, exercise apps, photography apps, the list goes on and on. What are even more daunting are the choices within those categories. When it comes to music applications we’re all aware of the typical streaming services, but we think it’s the more obscure and enjoyable ones that really  matter, so we’ve chosen some of the best music related apps.

There are endless choices out there for filling up your mobile device with all varieties of applications. Games, food apps, exercise apps, photography apps, the list goes on and on. What are even more daunting are the choices within those categories. When it comes to music applications we’re all aware of the typical streaming services, but we think it’s the more obscure and enjoyable ones that really matter, so we’ve chosen some of the best music related apps.
I Am T-Pain
This is pretty much what really opened up everyone’s eyes to the possibilities of music-related apps. Who wouldn’t want to sound like T-Pain? Well probably lots of people, but you can’t deny it’s a damn lot of fun and continues to be in the best-selling list for music related apps. Death of auto-tune? Don’t think so.
This app is somewhat of a staple. Shazam allows you to identify songs by simply holding your phone near the speakers of the device playing that music. Through your phone's microphone Shazam gets hold of that song and identifies the album, artist and song title for you. If you think you’ve missed the chance to find that song your catching the end of, then Shazam can sort out your troubles.
Sometimes keeping up to date with all your favourite bands new releases can simply be too much work. Thankfully MusicWatch scans your entire music catalogue and downloads information on all of their latest releases. Every time you want to keep up to date all you have to do is tap refresh and the newest material is before your very eyes.
There is an abundance of synth related music apps out there but it’s the creative innovative ons that really stick out. This little beauty is a gesture driven app that creates different sounds based on the movement of your hand. You can control pitch, volume, modulation or filter cut-off all with the wave of a hand or an inappropriate dance move. A choreographed dance troupe equipped with this app would be something of a spectacle indeed.
Currently a web-based application, but soon to make it onto your mobile device, this app allows you to search for gigs you’ve been to in the past, add photos and also rate it out of five. You can recall the memories of all your favorite gigs, share communal galleries, ticket stubs and set lists can also be added. For those of you obsessed with recording every moment of your favourite show, this is definitely for you.
For those of you that love identifying obscure samples then be sure to download this one. WhoSampled scans your music library and lets you know who has sampled it, remixed it or covered it. An excellent source of finding new music and identifying some left of centre samples.
The idea behind this particular app is jaw droppingly good, however the execution has been somewhat clunky. The premise is that it scans sheet music and then plays it right back to you. To think of the level of complexity within this app brings on enormous headaches and so it’s understandable that it perhaps hasn’t lived up to the idea just yet. However it certainly provides an insight into the potential of an app like this. Look out for updates and improved versions.
If you’re a driver that often drifts over the speed limit without noticing, then this app will come in handy. Adaptunes uses the GPS in your phone and identifies how fast you’re travelling. It can then adjust the volume of the music depending on your speed, so if you feel like the music is getting too loud, just slow down. It can also be used for a variety of different transport modes, whether that be running or cycling, even if you’re hitting slopes snowboarding.
After a long stressful day at work, you jump on the tram, plug your headphones in and want to listen to something that matches your mood or calms you down. Well instead of trawling you endless music options, Moodagent has the perfect solution. This app is the intelligent music player that instantly creates perfect playlists based on your mood. You can pick a song to start a playlist or use the mood sliders that range from sensual and tender, to happy and angry.
Music trivia is a big part of some people’s lives; they invest a lot of time in knowing every little musical titbit possible. Trivia enthusiasts can also be quite competitive, herein lays the perfect app to keep those buffs fairly entertained. Songpop plays five song clips and you have to identify the correct artist or song, competing against a friend to answer the fastest or the most correct answers.
For those electronic music enthusiasts who like to dabble in some compositions this is the perfect music-making app. A super friendly interface allows you to create your own beats; bass lines and synth melodies as well as changing the tempo and even putting a shuffle feel on your track. Not only are there a wide variety of instruments but you can also save your tracks to show off to all your friends.
From the same creators of the highly popular DJay, this app takes that technology even further. If you’ve seen the likes of audiovisual artist Sampology and been flabbergasted by his talents, well this app has just made that a whole lot easier. Videos can be placed side by side within the app and beat matching makes the process easier to create a live performance or something that can be shared with friends.
Another synth based music-making app, however it’s the accompanying visuals and opportunity to be creative that make this a winner. Beatsurfing is a 3-dimensional midi controller that you draw and create yourself. There are endless opportunities with the different sounds you can create and can even be used in a live setting. You can either tap each visual pad or you can surf your finger along each controller to create some truly warped noises.
There are certainly a few apps that use your music library to help try and discover other bands you might fall in love with. Sonarflow takes a slightly more visually stimulating approach that works surprisingly well and takes advantage of the usual touch movements for mobile devices. Set up in a kind of colourful mind map of genres and artists, it also lets you view videos through YouTube as well as read artist biographies. There’s no question many hours could be lost surfing through this creative music finding app.
This is another music recognition app that works in a similar same way to Shazaam, but with even more options. The beauty of SoundHound is that you can also search from simply humming or singing the tune yourself, if you’re complete tone deaf there’s even an option to simply say an artist and track out loud. It also features tour news, lyrics and can create playlists.
While this app is certainly not cheap, it does open up a world of opportunities for guitar and bass players using their mobile device. It’s a multiple-effects processor, a recording studio and a learning tool. It provides endless options and of course even more ways to spend money on additional accessories or plug-ins.
Bjork Biophilia
An amazing multimedia experience that explores the relationship between music and technology. We shouldn’t really expect any less from the always-inventive Icelandic songstress. The app was created in conjunction with the release of her eighth studio album of the same name. There are ten separate apps within Biophilia that allow you to explore a 3-dimensional galaxy, leading to interactive art and games, music notation which can be used to sing along karaoke-style, abstract animations, lyrics, and essays that explore Björk’s inspirations for the track.
How annoying is it when you get a really average song stuck in your head? For many it’s a pet peeve, especially when someone else’s irresponsible whistling causes it. Well finally there is an app that allows you to send snippets of annoying songs to your mates with the sole purpose of causing significant music related grief. It could quickly turn into a highly vindictive episode, but it’s all in good fun.
Concert Vault
Whilst having to be a member to use this app, this is a must have for lovers of live music. Concert Vault has a significant database of live audio and video concerts dating back to the ‘50s. Ever wanted to see or hear The Who live? Well now is your chance through this app and becoming a member of Concert Vault. A free-trial membership is on offer for those unsure, however it will certainly get you hooked.
Part synthesizer, part animated robot. Sounds strange doesn’t it, well it’s actually quite versatile. Touching the screen causes the robot to move and make sounds controlled by your movements. The beauty of this app is the simplicity in its aesthetics and as a music making tool it’s surprisingly sophisticated. Don’t be fooled by its simple presentation, a highly entertaining app.