Today’s Letter to the Editor comes from Kelly Bash, in response to news that Splendour In The Grass’ future at the North Byron Parklands hangs in the balance¬†as their five year trial at the current venue has now come to an end.

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Hi Tone Deaf,

Splendour organisers need to realise that there are too many people in attendance as it is; please don’t increase the festival’s patronage to 50,000! This year was awesome, however I would love to see the age restriction lifted to 18 years. Half the time I felt like I was at Schoolies week, and not Splendour In The Grass, which totally isn’t what the Splendour vibe is about, but luckily we were blessed with sunshine.

Instead of raising the number of allowed patrons, why not have it over two weekends like Coachella? The access in case of emergency evacuations is definitely a concern, but the security did an awesome job this year and I’m sure if there was an emergency that people would just go through the fences and find their way out.

I live within ten minutes of the festival and it was the best organised festival I have attended there. The festival grounds were also very well-equipped with plenty of toilets and water stations. They even had volunteers patrolling Mooball and Burringbar collecting litter from patrons, which was good to see considering that past years have seen the roadsides left looking like a mess.

If the festival was to be made permanent at the North Byron Parklands, their plumbing would be ideal as all the urine and crap left laying on the ground runs right into the cane drains and straight into the Pottsville River! Ask Pottsville doctors; we have had a huge outbreak in parasites since the festival grounds were severely flooded with 3 metres of water from Cyclone Debbie.

I’m all for Splendour In The Grass, and love having it so close to home, but I would love to see them put in permanent plumbing for the cleanliness and health of the local community.


Kelly Bash

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