It’s no secret that Tool are working on their first new album in over 10 years, with the news that Maynard has been in the studio laying down vocals, and the band are finally courting streaming services to bring their music online for the first time.

It’s also an understatement to say that their next record is, well, maybe a little bit anticipated. So, while a new coat of paint on a band’s website isn’t usually all that exciting, in this case it holds a certain weight. More so considering that it’s the first time the band have bothered to touch their website in over a decade.

Better yet, it brings with it the latest batch of Tool visuals in the form of a weird bio-mechanical skeleton turning creepily on an extended loop, the gears of its spine slowly turning. Nightmare fuel, for sure, and we’d expect nothing less.

While that’s all that’s been added to the site, with Ultimate Guitar reporting that hardcore fans have noticed a few other changes to the site that seem a bit weird – namely, the removal of 10,000 Days from the ‘Releases’ section, and third album Lateralus being listed as a 2017 release.

Maybe a glitch caused by a bit of tinkering behind the scenes in preparation for the next addition, hm?

The wheels are definitely in motion, so now all that remains is to wait – but hopefully not for too long. Until then, check out this recent super-cut of all of the various arrangements, riffs, snippets and jams that have surfaced between February 2008 and now.