Blink-182 has given each of its (current) members their own time to shine with the latest clip for ‘Home Is Such A Lonely Place’, releasing three separate versions that each focus on the home life of a different bandmate, as well as a full-band edition.

The third and final alternate version was reserved for Travis Barker, and is possibly our favourite so far, as he gives his son some some thankfully temporary face tattoos in the hazy, home video-style footage. The other two feature some very cute dogs though, so it’s a close call.

“The video for ‘Home is Such a Lonely Place’ was probably the easiest we’ve ever filmed”, Mark Hoppus said. “All we had to do was be ourselves at home with our family and friends, as we prepared to leave for tour. Consequently, it’s also our most personal and honest videos, and one of my favorites.”

Some fans are of course asking for a Tom version, but for now will have to content themselves with the three below. Funnily enough, having been released first of the three, Matt Skiba’s version has actually been viewed the most, and he’s finding a lot of love in the comments section.

You can also check out the three individual clips below, and the full version right over here.