Zan Rowe is in a bit of a podcast mood lately, it seems, following up her recent team-up with Myf Warhurst with a new podcast that draws on some of the best segments featured in her weekly Friday morning ‘Take 5’ segments.

‘Take 5’ sees musical guests head into the studio to discuss five tracks that changed their lives, and has so far featured big names like Violent Soho, Mike D, David Byrne, Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace, One Day’s Joyride, and more.

Five classic episodes are set for release straight up, with more new ones to follow, and the highlight promises to be a very, very scattered episode featuring Violent Soho’s Luke and James who were on “minimal sleep”. They certainly seemed like they were on something, and it made for a great episode as they chatted about the best “sickie songs”.

Other topics include things like ‘coming of age songs’ or ‘gee up tunes’, but no matter the topic having artists like Wafia or Archibald finalist Abdul Abdullah discuss them makes for a fascinating take on a musical theme.

It’s launching as we speak on iTunes, ABC Radio, and anywhere else your podcasts live.