The blogosphere has lit up over night with revelations that a sex tape supposedly featuring slain rapper Tupac has surfaced.

According to US Gossip site TMZ who have seen the tape is begins with a house party featuring a number of the rappers groupies. Tupac then walks into the room with his pants around his ankles and pulls one of the groupies towards him and she begins to perform oral sex on him.

Interestingly an unreleased song of Tupac’s is playing in the background, and the rapper is seen singing along and dancing as the girl continues her work.

It gets even more bizarre, during the scene Tupac is seen holding a cocktail in one hand and something that looks remarkably like a joint in the other. Money B from Digital Underground also makes an appearance in the video, walking into the room while Tupac puts his arm around him and they continue dancing.

The unnamed groupie does not stop throughout all of this.

TMZ say the 5 minute video was shot in 1991 and although no details have been released about the owner we hear they do intend on releasing it. TMZ also allude to the possibility of a second follow up tape although no further details or comment were made.

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