Recently, it seemed that Suge Knight had broken his longstanding silence on one of the longest-standing mysteries in music: who murdered Tupac Shakur?

The rap legend was shot and killed in a drive-by back in 1996, but Death Row Records honcho Suge Knight, who was with the rapper on the night of his murder, had remained silent on the topic – until the revelation last month that he’d pinned the murder on Death Row Records security chief Reggie White Jr and Suge’s ex-wife Sharitha.

Now, as Complex reports, Death Row Records bodyguard and “Blood Piru gangster” Mob James has refuted that theory, instead pointing the finger squarely at the South Side Crips, sparked by an incident following a Mike Tyson fight in Vegas. He backs up the prevailing theory that Crips member Orlando Anderson, who has since died in a similar incident, was the shooter.

He also has some harsh words for Suge, whom he feels let Tupac down by not doing his job and keeping him out of trouble.

“If 2Pac would have stand to the side and watched, and if Suge would have said, ‘No you my money, you ain’t finna get in no fight, get over there,’ 2Pac would be still alive right now in the day,” Complex quote, “And this is the only reason why he died, he interfered in something he had no power in.”

It was speculated at the time of Suge Knight’s recent accusation that he was hoping to portray himself as a repeated victim of gang violence, in an effort to escape a harsh sentence for a vehicular hit and run, for which he’s currently awaiting trial.

You can watch the half-hour interview below, or skip to ten minutes in for the Tupac discussion.