The Grates released their third studio album Secret Rituals this September. The first single to be lifted from the album Turn Me On is a scorching, electronic track from the now two-piece compromising of Patience Hodgson (vocalist) and John Patterson (guitar, keys).

Changing their course slightly from their sophomore album-‘ Teeth Lost, Hearts Won’ which was all about the manic execution of innocent fun and garage pop, this album is proving  to be a much more grown up direction for The Grates.

Latest tracks by thegrates

The Whyte Fang remix has slowed down the tempo added some fat bass and swapped the grinding guitar riffs for some calming flute overlay, giving the track a loungy, cruisier vibe compared with the original. This version has really emphasised Hodgson vocals, she can now be thought of as a sexy women, no longer a little girl in coloured tights thanks to Whyte Fang.