Hey my name’s Nath and this is my mate Dev and we’re just a couple of blokes – and if you don’t mind me saying, we play in a pretty awesome punk and grunge 2 piece called Udays Tiger (it’s about the tiger not the man…) We don’t like seeing stock standard live efforts – so come and watch us play, we’ll be doing our best not to sound or look stock standard! Catch us play the Sugar Army support at the Tote, Saturday 30th June with Dark Arts.

Do you buy or download music?

Try and buy as much as we can! I dig vinyl and I know Dev does as well – it’s not because it’s hip or anything to have vinyl on your shelf, it’s because, for just a few bucks more, you can get something where the artwork is way bigger, and the sound is way better! Plus, there’s something nice about having to fiddle about when you put them on.

If you had to write a children’s song, what would it be called?

‘The Rat’s Tale’ – it would be about raising awareness in children that even if your parents have endorsed it or perhaps even gave it to you – the rat’s tail hair cut on children makes you look dodgy – and even if you are actually fairly normal and don’t fight or steal, overcoming that stereotype will be even harder if you continue to sport that rats tail.

If you had to cover one song on Australia’s Top 40 now, which would it be? How would you tackle it?

Hang while I Google Australia’s top 40…

What’s on heavy rotation on your iPod right now?

Damn Terran, White Walls, Heavy Beach, The Morrison’s, Mesa Cosa, Drunk Mums, Udays Tiger… and other less known bands such as Future of the Left latest one, Lower Dens, Mission of Burma, Jay Reatard

Do you have a musical influence we might not expect?

Hillsong, ‘Youth Alive’ (2000)  – We’re considering releasing a Christian album because word on the street is that unlike our last EP (in this case appropriately titled ‘Sinners’), there’s a better chance that we’ll recoup production costs through sales.

What instruments are missing in punk that you think it’s time to throw into the mix?

None – they’re all there.

Do you have lucky undies?

I have a pair of superman undies that I once hoped would be lucky and literally just then, Dev piped up and said he does too – just found that out! PM us for pics!

If you had to do a cross-genre collaboration, which artist would you team up with?

Young Dirty.

What are you listening to at the moment?

In the time that’s it’s taken to write this nothing has changed. So it’s still the same as above.

If you were born 50 years ago, what kind of musician would you be?

So if we were born 50 years ago and we were in our 20’s, that would put us in the 80’s – so we’d probably start a band called Gun’s and Roses, and write Appetite for Destruction for ourselves – so now we’d be retired right?

Where we can see you play next, what releases do you have available and where can we get them?

The Tote Sat, June 30th supporting Sugar Army with Dark Arts.

‘Sinners’ EP, available for free via our website www.udaystiger.com