Hey Geronimo have just released their debut album Crashing Into The Sun, and are midway through their national tour.

The lads have put together a diary for us of the first leg, as they hit Adelaide and Melbourne, as well as a video covering all of the delirious moments of mischief they got up to.

The next leg kicks off this weekend, as they hit Sydney’s Newtown Social Club on Saturday July 30, followed by Brissy’s Black Bear Lodge on Friday August 5th to close the tour out.

Week One On Tour

The first step in any Hey Geronimo tour is actually assembling the band members, Avengers style, in one place – half the band live in Brisbane and half in Sydney, and in this case Pluto was actually flying in from Canberra. Once assembled in Adelaide we made our way to the heart of the city to kick off the tour at Rocket Bar.

We had a good time at Rocket Bar, although any plans for a big night afterward were scuppered by the realisation that our flight to Melbourne the next morning were at 6am. Given that we started playing after midnight, it was always going to be a mission to get as much sleep as possible. We ended up with two hours, which isn’t quite enough really!

The funny thing about touring is that you’d think we’d be constantly thinking about the upcoming gigs, which are the reason we’re there in the first place, but we tend to fixate on the mundane stuff like food and sleep (which always seem to be in short supply).

The reason for our early flight to Melbourne was that we were scheduled to record a couple of songs that morning live for Syn radio’s Baked Goods show. The guys organising the shoot were very patient and accommodating as we stumbled around blearily, and we had it all wrapped up by the early afternoon.

Then we got the best news of the tour so far: soundcheck was being pushed back an hour, which meant an hour more sleep that afternoon! We rocked up to the Curtin around 6pmfeeling refreshed.

It’s great to watch a band you’re a big fan of play an awesome set just before you, because it makes you feel like the night is already half way there. In this case Darling James wowed us once again – if you ever get a chance to catch them live you should take it up.

We played one the better sets we’ve done in a while, at least as far as I could tell. You kind of get into a bit of a bubble on stage, where you’re focusing on your own performance and not really analysing how the band sounds as a whole. I didn’t play any wrong notes, so as far as I’m concerned the show was a great success!

We partied afterwards (or more accurately sunk beers at the Curtin for hours – that’s partying, right?), and got on our various flights home the next day at a much more civilised time.

All in all the weekend was a success, and it’s always gratifying to have people turn up to your shows in another city. Next week is our week off, so hopefully we don’t get too ground down by real life in the meantime!

HG out.

Tour Highlights

Pete’s review of Wolverine, which he watched on the plane: “I made it to the end of the movie before I realised I’d already seen it.”

Our increasingly delirious attempts to capture ‘content’ (for Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram etc.) – it’s an in-joke that we are definitely starting to run into the ground.

Being told by the sound guy in Melbourne that my bass was making horrible noises in the last two songs because I was “rocking out too hard”. He was just being polite – pretty sure it’s actually because my lead is broken. :(