Between an almost impenetrable Scottish accent, a strict conference call operator and a crackly international line; chatting with Kyle Falconer, lead vocalist from Scottish indie rock band The View, became a difficult, but entertaining task.

The fact that we were “totally upside down” from the frontman also meant that it was 10:30am in London, where Falconer had only just woken up and stumbled into work.

Unfortunately, this made his infamously thick and inaudible accent just that slightest bit harder to understand. By slight, we mean questioning if it was actually English that was being spoken (Yes, in the end, there was a translator involved).

If there is one thing that people can agree on about Falconer and his bandamtes, it’s that these guys know how to party. There are countless reports in the media of the band’s hedonistically filled lifestyles, and most notoriously Falconer’s inability to play on stage because of serious intoxication.

Though when asked if The View were simply a gang of rock and rollers, Falconer defensively retorted, “no, not really, we’ve all got girlfriends.” However, after a moment of thought he admitted, “but our girlfriends kinda do that that as well.”

Despite living out your typical rock star way of life, it comes as a surprise to learn that Falconer does, in fact, have a life outside of The View. In truth, he has some very unusual and, frankly, unexpected hobbies – what is the least likely past time that you would expect the typical rock star enjoy? (or at the very, least admit to enjoying?)

“I like musicals” Falconer revealed, but quickly interjected “but I don’t want to appear as a poof. I mean, I like them now and again, but I’m not a musical daft.”

Of course, the weird and wonderful facts about Falconer’s musical-loving private life do not stop short of the next Andrew Lloyd Webber production,

“I love Indiana Jones; I got the same hat as him!” Falconer exclaimed. In fact, for his birthday earlier this month, he “got loads of Indiana Jones stuff” – a whip, figurines, you name it.

What else? “I play golf, like loads,” Falconer explained. “It’s one of my main things. When we’re on tour I try and play everywhere we go. It’s the greatest sport in the world, just absolutely beautiful.”

Falconer isn’t the only member of the band who enjoys running around a golf course every now and again – PeteReilly, the lead guitarist enjoys a hit; and so does Darren Rennie, the band’s touring keyboardist. “If you get him off his arse,” adds Falconer.

The quartet from Dundee (“The Scottish Dundee, not the Aussie Dundee” Falconer was quick to joke – will we ever live that damn movie down!?) have come a long way since they released their debut single, “Wasted Little DJs”, in 2006.

The band members have developed and matured as individuals, and it undeniably shines though with each new release. In spite of their development, they have managed to stay true to their style, their sound and to who they are as a band.

Falconer attributes this development to their inspirations, “we have always been into older bands – Fleetwood Mac, The Clash, Rolling Stones, The Beatles – I could go on forever” Falconer enthuses, “basically we are still into the same type of music.”

The View are set to release their fourth studio album, Cheeky For A Reason, next month. The album, which Falconer has promoted as “Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours done by The Clash”, has been produced by Mike Crossey (who’s worked magic on albums for Razorlight, Foals, and Artcic Monkeys) and also features three tracks co-written by the unofficial fifth member of Kings of Leon, Angelo Petraglia.

“We never wrote like that before – a solo way of writing” Falconer mentioned, “usually we just sit around the table with a bottle of vodka and loads of fags, tunes would go up and it would be fucking cracking.”

The View frontman reckons, “right now I think it’s the best album we’ve done.”

As for now, these Scottish lads are set to be touring the UK, however, coming back to Australia in the near future is definitely in their future plans, “I love Australia. The last time I was there I fell in love with this bird called, Neich…. Or Nesh?” Details, details.

Either way, keep your eyes peeled for Falconer and his band of merry vagabonds to tour in the near future.

Cheeky For A Reason is out now through Cooking Vinyl.