Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins were walking through LAX the other day when they were set upon by the paparazzi. They handled the whole thing better than they really should have.

Hawkins dodged the attention, while Grohl seemed mildly annoyed by the intrusion — “I’m not that big of a deal, guys” — shrugging off a truly stupid question asking what he thinks Kurt Cobain would be doing today if he was alive. The banal questioning seems to come from an Aussie, which we will take it among ourselves to apologise for, on behalf of our nation.

“This interview’s going really well” the guy commented sarcastically at one point, seemingly mistaking what he was doing — harassing someone at an airport with a camera and a barrage of insensitive questions — with a pre-organised interview.

Grohl lightens up somewhat once the dude mentions his mother’s new book, perhaps figuring that if he had to deal with this, he may as well promote something.

Paparazzi: the fucking worst.