Whatever crazy curfew fines the Napa Valley have imposed on the Bottlerock festival seem to have worked, as the promoters of this multi-million dollar festival pulled the plug on headliners Foo Fighters on Sunday night, after they went past the 10pm curfew.

They unceremoniously pulled the power from the massive video screens and speakers, leaving the Foo only the smaller speakers, and Grohl’s indignity as he continued sans-power. While it wasn’t the end of the world, the majority of the audience weren’t able to hear the end of ‘Everlong’; a rather lacklustre way to end a festival.

Amazingly, the BottleRock organisers also shut down The Cure in a similar fashion in 2014, after surpassing the curfew.

How is this festival able to book anyone, and more importantly, what kinda crazy curfew makes you shut down the climax of a Foo Fighters set?

Check out the debacle below.