AC/DC have had their little experiment with Axl Rose following the departure of vocalist Brian Johnson on doctor’s orders, but if Angus Young is really looking for an ideal replacement as he continues on, he really should be considering this bloke right here.

Playing a special secret gig in Stockholm, Sweden ahead of the release of new album Concrete and Gold, Foo Fighters were joined onstage by Hives singer Pelle Almqvist for a version of ‘Let There Be Rock’ that is probably the best we’ve heard AC/DC sound for ages.

As Blabbermouth reports, Grohl has long been a fan of ‘Howlin’ Pelle’, and was excited to play this cover with him for the first time, first teasing the crowd with the intro to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’ before giving them something much more appropriate.

“Tonight I thought it would be a good idea if we did a song together,” Grohl tells the crowd, “one that we’ve never played with him before, but I think it makes perfect sense for this show.”

As Blabbermouth points out, Pelle has previously put his hand up to front AC/DC, before losing out to the star power of the Guns N’ Roses frontman.

“I have many, many years of experience rocking the world’s biggest stages and, according to others, I am the greatest frontman in rock,” he wrote on Facebook last year. “Plus judging from the reaction in Australia, your crowd already seems to really like me.”

“Plus, I have already been singing those songs since I was six years old,” he added, “so, AC/DC, please consider my application.”

It’s clear he’s been busting this one out for a long time, as he absolutely nails it, so maybe – just maybe – he’ll get the call-up at some point. If not, we reckon this crew did an incredible job without Angus, and you can check it all out below.

Meanwhile, Brian Johnson returned to the stage recently for an AC/DC cover of his own, teaming up with Muse for their own version of ‘Back In Black’, which you can see right here.