Can somebody please get these Australian drummers some milk? Low fat, no fat, full cream, high calcium, high protein, soy, light, skim, omega 3, high calcium with vitamin D and folate, or extra dollop – anything. They need some calcium, quick!

As The Music reports, Frenzal Rhomb drummer Gordy Forman broke his arm during a performance at Perth’s Amplifier over the weekend. Eight songs into the band’s set, Forman apparently came out from behind his drum kit to school fans on how to stage dive properly.

“Pretty sure if you want to stage dive it’s simple, here’s the one, two, three dive. Stand up here,” Forman told the crowd before vaulting himself into the mosh, briefly surfing the first few rows before being launched back onto the stage upside down, catching his arm on a barrier support.

According to witnesses in attendance, Forman’s left arm was visibly damaged as it snapped on the barrier and he was rushed off the stage by crew members. However, despite Forman’s absence, the band managed to continue their performance.

They completed the gig as a three-piece, with frontman Jay Whalley taking on bass duties and bass player Tom Crease taking a seat behind the kit. Whalley took the opportunity to take a tongue-in-cheek stab at Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, who recently suffered a broken leg on stage.

“Take that Dave Grohl, now I don’t have to give any money back,” said the frontman. However, it seems Grohl’s injury has set off some sort of bizarre domino effect throughout the music world. Forman is not the only Aussie drummer to have sustained a serious injury recently.

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As Brisbane indie pop outfit The Grates recently confirmed on their official Facebook page, drummer John Patterson has sustained an injury to his wrist which will prevent him from manning the kit during the band’s forthcoming performances.

“Moving beyond the blood clots, allergic reactions, stitches, pins, plate and painkillers, John will be returning to his first childhood instrument on stage, keys, and rad guitarist Jack Richardson (Superfeather) will be joining us on the road to fill in on guitar!” the band write.

“That makes The Grates a 5 piece band! OMG! Tour just got incredible, buy your tickets now,” they add. You’ve gotta give it up for our Aussie drummers. They may be brittle, but they sure are resilient. Check out footage of Gordy Forman’s accident below.