Guns N’ Roses love a good cover. Throughout their recording career, the band released 17 different cover versions, ranging from Paul McCartney through to Charles Manson.

At a show in Edmonton last week, the band added two more to their arsenal when they covered the recently-passed Glen Campbell’s 1968 hit ‘Wichita Lineman’, as well as soul classic ‘I Got You (I Feel Good)’ by James Brown.

“This is something we’ve never played before,” Axl Rose said, before leaping into the Campbell classic. “It might not be your thing, but, ya know, it’s just to kind of pay a tribute to someone.”

It provided an uncharacteristically quiet moment during their set, which Rose acknowledged. Later in the evening, they brought the funk.

“Something else we’ve never done. Our own little arrangement of it. If anybody will fuck up on it it’ll be me,” he admitted. “Anyway. We’ll give it a go.”

Although Axl thanks the audience for “bearing with us”, it sounds massive to us, despite the extended funk jam outro.