Melbourne psychedelic army King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have been a busy bunch of late. The band recently announced their seventh studio album, Paper Mâché Dream Balloon, which is set to drop in November, cementing them as one of the country’s most prolific bands.

The band followed-up their announcement by unveiling a series of tour dates with mysterious Swedish outfit Goat, and all of this is coming after the band have just spent most of the year plotting their forthcoming domination of the overseas market, notching up numerous tours abroad.

It’s certainly paying off for them, because King Gizz are starting to generate some serious notoriety overseas, particularly in the US. So much so that they’re even getting covered by high school bands over in America, as readers can see in the video below.

“Covered by Comfortably Doug, shortened because we didn’t have time for a 15 minute song – Sorry about the messed up vocals!” Comfortably Doug write on YouTube. No need to apologise, however, because the King Gizz boys themselves loved the cover.