Liam Gallagher made a surprise appearance at the One Love Manchester concert, appearing with Coldplay to perform the rousing Oasis anthem ‘Live Forever’.

The appearance was a surprise for a few reasons, not the least because the younger Gallagher has made a habit of ragging Chris Martin in the press, last year telling Q Magazine: “There’s a lot of singers out there who are one step away from a vicar. And very few who stare at you in the eyes. They’ve all got something to hide. They know they’ve done wrong.

“You ever get Chris Martin to look you in the eye? I’m sure he does put on a good gig, Chris Martin, the amount of money he gets paid. He looks like he’s in The Tweenies though. The whole band look beyond shit. Have they not seen any photos of The Rolling Stones? Probably not.”

Gallagher also said in 2006 that Martin “looks like a geography teacher”, calling Coldplay a “bunch of students.”

In this case, all petty/hilarious insults were left aside for a bigger cause. Check out the video, below.