Loving live music isn’t just about attending music festivals and seeing an international artist’s massive arena show.

Even the biggest of big-name headliners started in the trenches, on the sticky carpets and bandrooms of your local bars and pubs – which is exactly where you should be if you want to discover your new favourite band or venue.

Here are our picks for this week’s best local gigs from Aussie talent – from Perth to the East Coast – and all for the price of a good meal.


Where: Yah Yah’s, Melbourne VIC
When: 8pm – 12am, Saturday Dec 24
Why: Winners of our very official Tone Deaf Song of the Year accolades last week, we can’t think of any better way to spend Chrissy Eve than with some decidedly non-festive dark electronic jams from friendships. SHOUSE and Second Sight round out a great bill, and it’s only a tenner.
Tickets & Info: $10, more info here.

Bel Air

Where: Karova Lounge, Ballarat VIC
When: 8pm – 4am, Saturday Dec 24
Why: Ballarat gets a big Christmas bash this week, with alt/jazz rockers Bel Air headlining on Chrissy Eve. You also get a night of choons with Wax Nomads and Teal Av thrown into the bargain, with Fitz-e and Barry Sunset on the decks.
Tickets & Info: $14.30, more info here.

Miles Away

Where: Amplifier Bar, Perth WA
When: 8pm – 12am, Friday Dec 23
Why: Big night of rock hitting Perth on Friday, as hardcore/punk outfit Miles Away bring a stacked lineup with them in The Others, Jorge Verde, Mindless
and Facile.
Tickets & Info: $15, more info here.


Where: The Foundry, Brisbane QLD
When: 7pm – 10pm, Thursday Dec 22
Why: Celebrating Kim Prawn’s birthday, Shrimpwitch have put together a ripper lineup of garage rock and pop, with Chelsea Bleach, The Tropes and Olsen Twins descending on the valley. A lot of fun for only eight bucks.
Tickets & Info: $8, more info here.

Tornado Wallace & Otologic

Where: The Mercat, Melbourne VIC
When: 10pm – 7am, Mon Dec 26
Why: With our beloved Mercat about to shut down, this is one of the very last chances to give the iconic venue a sendoff. Who better to have behind the decks than local legends Tornado Wallace and Otologic?
Tickets & Info: More info here.

Dr. Colossus

Where: Cherry Bar, Melbourne VIC
When: 8pm – 5am, Friday Dec 23
Why: Feel like having a Christmas that’s less festive and jolly, and more lazy and surly? Simpsons-themed doom rockers Dr. Colossus have you covered, as they head to the Cherry Bar with Fire Alive and Two-Headed Dog in tow.
Tickets & Info: $13, more info here.

Krafty Kuts

Where: Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA
When: 9pm – 5am, Thursday Dec 22
Why: Renowned UK turntablist Krafty Kuts will be stopping by Adelaide this week and performing an exclusive live version of his awesome podcast series A Golden Era of Hip Hop,with Track Team, Faint One and MERYL CREEP backing him up.
Tickets & Info: $15 + b/f, more info here.

Crown Ruler Sound

Where: The Foundry, Brisbane QLD
When: 9pm – 3am, Friday Dec 23
Why: A Love Supreme work their magic at The Foundry for a BLESS Christmas party in conjunction with Crown Ruler Sound, meaning some very cool DJs and producers in Tako, Izabel, Jimi Dawg & Winters.
Tickets & Info: $10, more info here.

Northeast Party House DJs

Where: Fat Controller, Adelaide SA
When: 9pm – 5am, Friday Dec 23
Why: Having just pulled a ripper prank on The Corner Hotel, the boys have fled the scene and are hiding out in Adelaide, where they’ll be busting out a DJ set at the now year-old Fat Controller. Cheap drinks, LEO, The New Yorks Band & Runaway Weekend in support, and resident DJs keeping the tunes flowing – all for $5.
Tickets & Info: $5 + b/f, more info here.

Running Touch

Where: Fat Controller, Adelaide SA
When: 10pm – 5am, Saturday Dec 24
Why: …and another great gig at the Fat Controller, as producer Running Touch brings the beats the following night for a Christmas Eve blowout. Anyone up for doing the old one-two?
Tickets & Info: More info here.

Doona Waves

Where: The Tote, Melbourne VIC
When: 8pm – 12am, Thursday Dec 22
Why: Having grabbed our attention a few times this year, these guys are launching their debut EP at The Tote on Thursday, and want you there to celebrate – as do their horde of great supports: Cool Sounds, Grandstands and Slow Job. That’s a bill.
Tickets & Info: $11.25, more info here.