No matter how talented a band you are, sometimes your name can be the one thing holding you back from bigger and better things, with some people still being a little put off by certain words in the English language.

While they weren’t exactly going toe-to-toe with any of the more confronting metal bands out there, Adelaide rock outfit West Thebarton Brothel Party have dropped the latter half of their name in a move that coincides with some big news for the emerging band.

“We are West Thebarton,” their Facebook post begins, explaining to fans that they’ve quite simply “grown up, changed shape and moved on.”

“But not with empty hands,” they add, before revealing that not only have they added a new drummer to the crew, but they’ve also signed to a new management company in Fidelity Corp (Karnivool, Thelma Plum), and a new UK booking agency in X Ray Touring.

Promising “more noise to come”, the name change seems to be ushering in a new phase for one of South Australia’s most promising acts as they move closer to a promised album before the year’s out.

Until then, you can catch the band playing a special one-off show with their new member at Sydney’s newly-reopened Lansdowne Hotel on Friday July 14, and check out their latest choon ‘Moving Out’ below.

To be honest, we shortened their name to “West Theb” half the time anyway, so it won’t take much adapting to. We’ve reached out to the band to find out more about the name change, and will update with anything we find out.