Thinking about working in the music industry? Take this test to find out which facet is best suited to you.

Would you describe yourself as introverted?
Do you know the catalogue numbers, overseas record labels and all the minutia of your favourite records?
Have you ever formed a band of your own volition?
Does the idea of performing at a Karaoke bar dead sober fill you with exhilaration?
Would you classify playing an instrument as your favourite pastime?
Were you raised on a diet of The Sound of Music and Grease?
Do you take notice of the technical team behind albums?
Are you the type of person that would spent hours getting a kick drum sounding perfect?
Are you interested in the mechanics of the recording industry (sales, record labels, touring, promotions)?
Are you the type of person who makes sure your friends get home okay from a night out?
Did your youth consist of any of the following: repertory theatre, battle of the bands or school musicals?
Are you interested and take notice of all the individual instruments that make up a song?
Are you entrepreneurial?
Do you enjoy working with and coordinating people?
Do you enjoy working odd and sporadic hours?
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