On the verge on releasing a highly anticipated double A-side, Wildcat General Strike are a Melbourne-based four-piece garage rock outfit that have been likened to acts as seminal as The Stone Roses with the literate pop bent of The Vaccines and The Libertines.

Having already received Triple J love with their earlier efforts, Wrote You A Melody/Young Man’s Pride is the result of a band hitting their straps and beginning to flourish. With melody perennially at the forefront and an intriguing vocal to match, the sharp guitar licks and tight rhythms that support it produce a sound at once immediate and engaging.

More than that though, Wildcat General Strike is a band with something to say. Eclipsing the mire of indie posers are their intricacies and witticisms and with the musical nous to bring it all together, this is one act not bogged down with the desperation to be cool; their self-assured indifference to indie protocol makes them stand out from the pack.

The latest upbeat offering draws on their influences while finding something fresh and exciting. The evocative vocal, the punchy beats and searing guitar riffs combine as a powerful, singular entity. These are songs to move to and sing along with.

Perfect for their typically energetic live displays, Wrote You A Melody/Young Man’s Pride is to be launched as a special double single party with The Demon Parade.

Saturday 1st September

The Workers Club

The Demon Parade and The Quivers

For more info please go to: ww.facebook.com/wildcatmusic

Listen to Wrote You A Melody here:

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