Wondering what the musical equation of John Lennon’s muse and members of Sonic Youth would sound like? Wonder no more, as today sees the announcement that Yoko Ono is teaming up with Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon to release a collaborative album.

Spin reports that the record, fittingly called YOKOKIMTHURSTON, is a six-track collection that pairs the avant-garde sounds of the Beatle’s widow with the noise-rock power duo, who recently separated after 27 years of marriage, throwing the future of Sonic Youth into doubt.

The news that they’ve been working together on music with Yoko Ono bodes well for the future of the indie icons, with the first fruits of the labour being released yesterday in the form of fourteen-minute epic “Early In The Morning”.

Turns out the charity single, released through Chimera Music and who’s proceeds are going towards Ashinaga Rainbow House to aid orphans of the Japanese tsunami, is also the closing track on YOKOKIMTHURSTON; you can also hear a preview over at Amazon.

It’s not the first time the trio have united  either, Thurston and Moore joined Ono onstage at a gig at the Orpheum Theater in 2010 to add their sonic character to a performance of Ono’s “Mulberry” as part of the ‘We Are Plastic Ono Band’ concert with a number of special guests.

The trio will release their collaborative record internationally on September 24, that’s the tracklist below, and you can view the “Mulberry” performance below as well.


1. I Missed You Listening
2. Running the Risk
3. I Never Told You, Did I?
4. Mirror Mirror
5. Let’s Get There
6. Early in the Morning