Is Jared Leto’s vanity band 30 Seconds to Mars To Split? Real music fans can only hope. Front man Leto has sooked to metal mag Kerrang that he isn’t sure that he can face the rigours of recording another album and doing a world tour after the ‘exhausting‘ run (i.e. playing some pretty cushy stadium gigs with plenty of days off) of the band’s last tour.

He whinged “A lot of artists peak or get burned out. A lot of times they stop trying and those are all dangers. It took two years to make ‘This Is War’. Touring it has been another two years. Do I have that in me again? I don’t know.”

Although Leto says that he’s always writing new songs, he’s also hinting that although they’re writing new material, they may not necessarily return with a new 30 Seconds To Mars album.

Rather cryptically, he says “What excites me is the opportunity to rediscover, refine and reinvent, like we have from record to record. The compulsion to create is always with me. We could make a dance record, a dubstep record, a punk record, or a rock opera. Anything is possible because This Is War was an arrival, creatively and personally.”

The band are set to play the Reading and Leeds Festivals in the UK this weekend, where if they’re lucky they won’t receive the ultimate Reading welcome, which is an age old tradition called ‘piss bottling’ in which unpopular bands have had bottles filled with urine thrown at them on stage.