Community radio music directors often have an encyclopedic knowledge of local music and an insatiable thirst to keep their ears ahead of the curve. So in this Tone Deaf series, the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) invites music directors to highlight new Aussie tunes that you might have missed.

In this edition, Amelia Jenner from FBi Radio in Sydney contributes with a selection of tracks currently making their way to community radio through Amrap’s music distribution service ‘AirIt’. Check out Amelia’s selections below and if you’re a musician you can apply here to have your music distributed for free to community radio on Amrap’s AirIt.

Kandere – ‘BB Goy’

Kandere have only been together for about a year but in this short time they have played alongside the likes of Juliana Huxtable, Gaika, Elysia Crampton and Habits. If their debut single ‘BB Goy’ is a sign of things to come, I’m excited! It’s time for artists like Kandere to take centre stage.

Party Dozen – ‘Straights’

One of the most exciting and down right wild things to come out of Sydney in recent memory. ‘Straights’ is the first single off Party Dozen’s debut album The Living Man and is unlike anything you’ve heard before. It’s not for the faint hearted but if you’re partial to a bit of experimental saxophone, this one’s for you.

SK Simeon – ‘Live and Direk’

Globally-renowned dancehall artist SK Simeon delivers once again on his new single ‘Live And Direk’. Listen to this and try not to smile. Rumour has it that there’s an album around the corner. TAKE MY MONEY.

Angharad Drake – ‘Baby’

‘Baby’ is the beautiful opening track from Angharad Drake’s new album Ghost from earlier this year. It’s been around for a few months now but I reckon it deserves another mention. What a voice!

Enderie – ‘Trial with Extended Precarity (One For The Kids)’

Taken from the new Enderie 2 out soon on the incredible Paradise Daily Records. This song will give you heart palpitations. Proceed with caution.

Dave – ‘Eggiwegs’

Not sure if the band realise but ‘Dave’ is hard to google. Luckily this song makes up for it. I’m a sucker for the Aussie accent and eggs and bacon, so this is a real winning combo for me.