Over 300 highly-collectable pieces of Bruce Springsteen memorabilia have gone on sale, including handwritten lyric books, his drivers license, and even his 4F card to dodge Vietnam War service.

The outstanding collection belonged to one individual seller who, according to Billboard, started buying up all things Springsteen after purchasing the ’57 Chevy he wrote ‘Born To Run’ in. (This story seems too perfect; bet he wrote it in his lounge room.)

The collection includes hand-scrawled drafts of many songs, including ‘Born To Run’, ‘Rosalie’, ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out’ and ‘Born In The USA’, his temporary license, a middle school report card, the flanno he wore on The River album cover, the original acetate pressing of Springsteen’s first ever single, 1966 ‘Baby I’, a songwriting book from 1968 (the earliest known in existence, according to the sellers), his 1972 address book, and plenty more.

Check out pictures below, and more details here.