Community radio music directors often have an encyclopaedic knowledge of local music and an insatiable thirst to keep their ears ahead of the curve. So in this Tone Deaf series, the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) invites music directors to highlight new Aussie tunes that you might have missed.

In this edition, Zara Kravchenko from SYN in Melbourne contributes with a selection of tracks currently making their way to community radio through Amrap’s music distribution service ‘AirIt’.

Check out Zara’s selections below and if you’re a musician you can apply here to have your music distributed for free to community radio on Amrap’s AirIt.

This week’s 7 best Australian bands

Miss Blanks – ‘Clap Clap’

After killing it at Dark Mofo and BIGSOUND, Miss Blanks is a force to be reckoned with. Collaborating with Tomtom, Blanks breaks away from the straight masculine hip-hop culture with this unapologetically sex positive track. Her bass driven narrative urges women and people who identify as non binary, to embrace and find the beauty in their bodies.

With phrases like “if you’ve got a fat ass, make that ass clap”, her cheeky lyrics are an overdue alternative to current macho lines in the genre. Her debut EP, D.O.A.T (Diary Of A Thotaholic) will be out in November.

Wireheads – ‘Wonderful Wizard’

Adelaide’s Wireheads have been getting love all across the globe with their new track ‘Wonderful Wizard,’ including a feature on NPR’s hit playlist. This lo-fi, fuzzy punk track rips through Ty Segal-inspired riffs with crisp urgency. Their Buzzocks vibes are heightened with Dom Trimboli’s vocal delivery. Their new album is out October 20th via Tenth Court.

Stella Donnelly – ‘Mechanical Bull’

Stella Donnelly delivers a warm, and engaging narrative thanks to her unique storytelling capabilities. Her solo work is vastly different to her other material, where she’s a guitarist in hot WA act, BOAT SHOW. Here, we hear her hauntingly tender vocals as she smuggles in tongue and cheek lyrics. She recently took out the Levi’s prize at BIGSOUND and we look forward to see what’s next for Donnelly.

OKENYO – ‘Woman’s World’

Sydney neo-soul singer OKENYO has just dropped this huge fem power anthem. Her astute confidence soaks through some very heavy beats. We can’t hide our excitement for the future of OKENYO. The evocative lyrics and groove inducing horns prove this RnB track is one to be heard on the dance floor. OKENYO is expected to release her debut EP later in the year on Elefant Traks.

Ecca Vandal – ‘Future Heroine’

Ecca Vandal’s long awaited self titled debut album out 20th October, her gutsy, take-no-shit attitude is ever present on this track and conjures the greatest elements of rock, hip-hop and pop seamlessly. Her industrial sound mixed with the primal energy she exudes, is reason enough to grab tickets to her show later in the year.

Sachet – ‘plastic potato peel’

‘plastic potato peel’ is the hit single featured on sachet’s debut LP Portion Control. The surf-pop group comprises of members from Day Ravies, Shrapnel and Point Being. The sunny jangle which leaves us yearning for spring, and indie guitar hooks with the addition of Lani Crooks’ mellow voice makes this tune great. Portion Control was self-recorded and mixed by the band and mastered by Mikey Young.

Lazertits – ‘Lil’ Sister’

Lil’ Sister comes straight off Lazertits’ recent 7-inch split with Swim Team out on Hysterical Records. Lazertits bring the goods with this one, featuring their trademark punchy guitars and garage rock style. “Don’t let them tell you how to act, dress, think,” this track is a subtle stuff you to all those abrasive people who barge in with uninvited opinions.

Lazertits have always had a strong message behind their lyrics, but their decision to limit their usual witty repartee, for something more to-the-point on this one makes their message even more poignant.