Florida’s A Day To Remember is returning to Australia for the fifth time as part of Soundwave Festival. These five guys are fun loving, energetic and enjoying the ride of their musical success.

“It’s just as a big surprise to me as it is to everyone else in the world,” says lead guitarist Kevin Skaff. “We just liked to tour around the world and see what happens. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger, It is awesome to watch. We’ve had a good time and hopefully it continues.”

A Day To Remember is a band which are hard to distinguish, with their sound falling into multiple genres. Critics describe them as an amalgamation of metalcore, post-hardcore and pop-punk but Skaff prefers to keep it simple, defining them as heavy rock band. “People like to lump bands into genre. I don’t know why; maybe they feel like they’re in control but everybody has been having trouble with our band from day one. If people ask me what genre of band we play in, like if my grandma asked, I would be like we play in a heavy rock band. If we said we play in a pop punk band they would be like, ‘What the hell is that!?’”

A Day To Remember have visited Australia previously on tours such as Sweatfest, alongside home grown favourites Parkway Drive; Soundwave 2010; No Sleep Til… and most recently on the What Separates Me From You tour with Underoath. They are just as excited to be back for the fifth time.

“Soundwave was one of my favourite times ever and to be able to come back now and play with one of my all-time favourite bands Limp Bizkit. It’s going to be sick,” Skaff continues. “The best part about playing festivals is being able to play with bands that you would never ever have a chance to play with in just a regular show. There’s no way in hell that Marilyn Manson would ever take A Day To Remember out but being able to play with him at this year’s Soundwave is going to be a lot of fun and I’m very excited to be a part of it.”

As well as playing alongside some of their favourite bands, they are thrilled to be back playing in front of hundreds of screaming fans and are ready for some intense sing-alongs.  “I like playing ‘Down Fall’ a lot, it seems to be a big crowd favourite. It is also really easy for me to play so I can look cool without screwing up. That’s like number one. My second favourite song would be ‘All I Want’ because it’s probably the biggest crowd sing along song. It is always fun to hear them jam out while you play.”

A Day To Remember are not only part of the main festival but they will also be playing two sidewaves accompanied by fellow American’s The Used and the Uk’s You Me At Six. The Sydney Sidewave has sold out and Brisbane’s Sidewave is set to sell out. After years of touring the news of sold out shows still amazes the band. “To play in front of all those people is a dream come true. I am excited to get there and play for everyone”

2012 is shaping up to be a busy year for A Day To Remember with multiple tours and even a brief stint in the studio to record their fifth studio album. “We are on the Rise Against tour right now.  After this is done we are going to come to Australia with you guys and party. Then we are going to go to the Philippines, which we have never been before. We are going to, like, China and Indonesia and stuff. Then we are flying back to America and doing the second half of the Rise Against tour, then we are going to lock ourselves in the studio for a little while and work on a new record. That’s what we have planned so far and I’m sure after that we will be touring a lot.”

A Day To Remember will be hitting our shores in less than a week for Soundwave Festival so prep those vocal chords and get ready sing your heart out.  You can also check them out at their Sydney and Brisbane sidewaves featuring The Used and You Me At Six.