Perth’s Abbe May has had a banner year. She picked up a couple of noms at the AIR Awards, shot off on a national album launch tour, had her song “Mammalian Locomotion” picked up for a synch with popular show Entourage, recently did stints in New York and Europe, did a massive run of regional dates with Art vs Science, featured in the national triple j Nick Cave ‘Straight to You’ theatre tour through November, and then she blew us away at Meredith Music Festival, too. Coming up Pyramid Rock, Wave Rock Weekender and Mullum festival… and of course, The Big Day Out.

What do you remember about the very first Big Day Out festival you ever went to?

I remember being amazed by how many people were all trying to crush into the same area to watch their favourite bands. I saw PJ Harvey for the first time at Big Day out… Iggy Pop… The White Stripes. Pretty important memories.

Which one did you miss out on that you WISH you’d been to?

I wish I had seen Neil Young. I was out of the country at the time and I’m told repeatedly that it was beautiful.

Give us your best ever Big Day Out musical moment!

The Stooges. My friends and I weren’t having a great time and then Iggy strutted out and made it all kick in. It was the most powerful rock and roll I have ever heard or seen.

If you could curate your own Big Day Out who would you book to play?

Patti Smith. Funkadelic. Led Zeppelin. The Doors. Caribou. Bjork. Iggy.

If anything was possible, and no damage lasting, where would you stage your dream Big Day Out?

Your back garden.

Big Day Out has an amazing lineup this year – who are you looking forward to seeing yourself? Are there any of the artists that you’ve performed with before (and can you tell us a sneaky secret about their backstage antics??)

Looking forward to seeing Kanye. I suspect he could be amazing.

When you’re Rolling Stones Big, what are you going to request on your rider: don’t be shy. We want specifics!

A small tropical island. A pool full of tequila. Sharon Stone. Assorted fruit and nuts.

Abbe May is appearing on the Big Day Out tour for 2012.