It’s been just over 30 years now since Aussie audiences waved goodbye to Molly Meldrum and the fun and frivolity of Countdown, but now, ABC TV is set to help you relive those classic memories all over again.

As Double J reportsABC TV is set to bring back Countdown to Sunday evenings for a limited series of reruns starting in September. Over the course of thirteen weeks, Aussie audiences will be treated to a variety of classic episodes from the show’s history, with brilliant musical performances, and interviews from artists of the day.

Of course, some fans might be asking the question “How is this any different to when Rage used to show episodes of Countdown and Rock Arena in the summer?” Well, as Double J notes, these episodes of Classic Countdown have been meticulously restored to bring you a superb, never-before-seen audio-visual experience, and will also include special guest narration from performers on the episodes, including John Paul Young, Richard Clapton, and Kate Cebrano. Oh, and yes, Gavin Wood will be returning as the show’s announcer.

Countdown first premiered back in 1974, and ran for a total of 533 episodes before finishing up in 1987. While many episodes from the show’s early years have been lost thanks to some unscrupulous TV executives, here’s hoping we might just get a wide variety of classic episodes nonetheless.

Countdown is set to return to ABC TV at 6pm, Sunday evenings from September 17th. If you’re after more info, check out the program’s website, but in the meantime, let’s revisit that classic Countdown appearance from none other than Iggy Pop.