It took eight years for Australian rock icons AC/DC to work on their 2008 effort Black Ice, but the band have hinted that fans won’t have to wait so long for a follow up. Guitarist Angus Young has revealed that he and brother Malcolm have been jamming, saying “Me and Mal­colm have begun trying a few things. Then we’ll be back on stage again.”

The signs are pointing to one of the highest grossing live bands in the world hitting the road in 2013 to mark their 40th anniversary as a band. However, unlike their past reputations for hard drinking and living, which took the life of original front man Bon Scott in 1980, this time they reckon that being live to do it is more than enough.

Sixty three year old frontman Brian Johnson reckons: “I’ll be celebrating by just being here. We could be dead, so to still be standing on a stage after 40 years is good enough for me.” Young also admits that the show is starting to take its toll on the bodies of the band members, some of which are already of pensionable age. Young, 56, confessed that it can be a struggle, saying Devil-horned guitarist Angus Young, 56, admitted: “You don’t want people to say: ‘Those guys used to be great. But on this tour, I had a few problems, mainly with the legs. On stage, though, you don’t feel a thing.”

Johnson also admits there will be no hard living on any upcoming tour. He says : “It is physical, we all sweat and we wouldn’t want it any other way. But you don’t have time to recuperate on the road so you have to keep yourself fit, go to the gym every other day.”  The band are set to release their Black Ice tour DVD, which was filmed live at the River Plate stadium in Buenos Aires in Argentina.