Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper has uncovered that the AC/DC shows scheduled for February 2010 at Etihad Sadium may have to change venue. According to the report, the AFL is claiming that their exclusive contract with the Docklands venue gives them priority for event bookings during pre-season.

In an interview with the paper Gillion McLachlan, AFL chief broadcaster and commercial officer, made it clear that the league has limited venue options for its pre-season competition and that they have broached the issue with Ethiad. He also affirmed that this a scheduling matter not an attack on AC/DC: “Skilled Stadium (in Geelong) is being redeveloped and the MCG is unavailable (because of cricket wickets) . . . this has nothing to do with AC/DC… I’ve got AC/DC tickets and I will be happy to go wherever the concert is.” And we are sure that all their fans will be happy to chase you there, flaming pitchforks in hand.

Ethiad stadium have declined to comment on the issue publicly but Tone Deaf will keep you updated with any further developments.