Eighties pop king Adam Ant, AKA Stuart Goddard, has struggled with a number of well documented mental health issues over the last decade, including being arrested for waving a gun at someone and being sectioned under the UK’s Mental Health Act. However, he appears to have gotten himself together enough to announce a comeback tour, which features none of the original members of the Ants.

The Greatest Hits tour will see him backed by a session muso band given the shocking title The Good, The Mad And The Lovely Posse. The most interesting aspect of the band is that his current girlfriend, Georgina Baille, is his backing singer. The 25 year old, who is 31 years Ant’s junior, is a burlesque dancer, and was infamously at the centre of the Russell Brand/Jonathon Ross scandal in which they left voicemail messages while on radio for her grandfather, Andrew Sachs, saying Brand had shagged her.

Sachs was best known as the incompetent waiter Manuel in the classic comedy show Fawlty Towers.