Juno writer Diablo Cody will make her Broadway debut in the most righteous way ever; by adapting Alanis Morissette’s 33-million seller, generation-defining, irony-mis-defining album Jagged Little Pill into a Broadway show.

Diablo Cody has written the show, which features a family struggling with gender identity and race issues, the latter of which isn’t explicitly dealt with on the album, but as Diablo explains, “Alanis’ music is full of powerful narratives that lend themselves organically to this process.”

“This team that has come together for this Jagged Little Pill musical is my musical theater dream come true,” Morissette wrote in a statement (it helps if you read it to the tune of ‘You Oughta Know’). “The chemistry between all of us is crackling and I feel honored to be diving into these songs again, surrounded by all of this searing talent.

“Diablo and Diane are already taking these deeply personal songs that are part of my soul’s marrow to a whole other level of hope, freedom and complexity.”

The show will be directed by Tony winner Diana Paulus, and will debut next May in Massachusetts, before hitting the bright lights of Broadway, where dreams are made and you can have ten thousands spoons and a knife.