Following rumours swirling around the music industry in Australia today that Soundwave Revolution is set to be cancelled, Alice Cooper has issued a statement on his Facebook page replying to fans’ concerns, saying that he has heard the same rumours but is yeat to hear anything official. The good news is that if it has been cancelled, Cooper says his sideshows will probably go ahead and they will fill in other performances in place of Soundwave shows. His statement reads:

We are seeing the same rumors, though we haven’t heard anything from anyone official. We will reach out and see if there is any truth to this. Either way, I’m told that worst case scenario if the Soundwave shows were to be cancelled, we would likely continue with our own Australian shows and probably fill in other performances in place of the Soundwave shows. That guy deleted his posts about it, so perhaps he was wrong. Will post when we know something.

Update: Soundwave Revolution has been officially cancelled